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With a tagline “ignite your passion,” Bali Mojo promotes ancient herbal therapy for male enhancement, or treating the rather prevalent problem of erectile dysfunction. This condition affects a good number of men in the US and worldwide, and its effects in the male body can be wide-ranging, mainly making long, fulfilling sex rather impossible. The Bali Mojo website states that there are no negative side effects from using the formula because of its all-natural ingredients.

Two capsules of Bali Mojo are recommended to be taken 20 to 30 minutes before sexual intercourse. The effects are said to last two to three days after taking the supplement. You can cut down to one capsule per intake and still get the desired effects as your blood circulation improves.


Bali Mojo is made up of natural herbal extracts that include Eurycoma longifolia (also popularly known as tongkat ali), for testosterone boost. It also boasts of saw palmetto, a natural aphrodisiac for both men and women; ginkgo biloba, traditionally used to optimize heart, lung, and reproductive function; and other widely used herbal components such as Xanthoparmelia scabrosa, epimedium, Cnidium monnier, and Tribulus terrestris.


Bali Mojo provides a rather trustworthy formulation with its traditionally tested herbal extracts, which are used as medicine in ancient and even modern cultures. The official site of the product also highlights important product information that can guide potential and existing customers through the often arduous process of weighing the pros and cons, etc. One other attractive thing about Bali Mojo is its so-called unconditioned12-month money back guarantee that has earned good feedback.


Bali Mojo is on the expensive side of the male enhancement supplement spectrum. While having a number of positive features and benefits, it lacks sorely in a crucial area, which is offering scientific trial results to show how it fares under several conditions and in providing erectile dysfunction relief, its main promoted benefit.

The Verdict

Bali Mojo walks its talk where ingredient list is concerned, as it is able to put forward a formulation that combines time-honored herbal extracts and ingredients for erectile dysfunction treatment and relief of similar male sexual woes. In fact, even Chinese medicine uses some of these ingredients. Its other strength is its money back guarantee. However, while it performed rather satisfactorily in our product trial there is much to be left to be desired, as we find no body of hard data to back up its claims of excellence and unique beneficial results for its users.

Week of: Sunday October 1, 2017
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