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Last Rated: October 7, 2017

Axcite Magnum is attractively named and packaged as a male enhancement supplement that can cause a so-called “magnum difference” in enhancing erections, stamina, and performance in bed, among many aspects. It owes much of these beneficial properties to its Magnum TST Technology, promoted as an all natural, key alpha isomer ingredient to boost testosterone, the primary male hormone, naturally.

Ingredients and claims:

Axcite Magnum contains red Korean ginseng root (standardized to NLT 5% ginsenosides), D-aspartic acid, epimedium extract (standardized to 40% icariin), and pine bark extract (standardized to 90% oligomeric proanthocyanidins) as its main components. The key ingredient highlighted in Axcite Magnum is considered helpful in averting an erectile dysfunction situation, leading patients to have thicker, longer, and firmer erections with regular intake. Erections, however, don’t get all the benefits, as Axcite Magnum also helps bring about increased intensity in orgasms, sexual satisfaction, and libido, and works to eliminate doctor appointments for these usual suspects.


  • Presents a timeline of supplement benefits that can better guide users, such as benefits while into 1-4 weeks of use
  • Discounts and special deals for online distributors and merchant websites


  • Lacks crucial information on manufacturer reputation and credibility
  • Partial list of ingredients published
  • Up to 6 capsules recommended to be taken every day, which is a far cry from the preferred one-pill-a-day

The Bottom Line:

Axcite Magnum looks good on paper with its proprietary blend, bannering the so-called Magnum TST technology that provides the benefits. It also covers relative affordability and furnishers readers with some crucial product information. But not so much when you consider the dearth in information on its manufacturer, as well as the glaring incompleteness of its list of ingredients. The deal breaker for us, however, is we’re told we can take up to 6 capsules of it every day – what does that say about its efficacy and absorption? We are wary about the dosage aspect as well as related factors that make the product appear mediocre to others of its kind.

Week of: Sunday October 1, 2017
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