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Male Enhancement: Do You Really Need It?

One of the manifestation of the “bigger is better” theory are male enhancement products. Men want big houses, big cars (SUVs), bigger servings of food and beverages (super-sized), bigger muscles, bigger television sets, bigger breasts and buttocks (for their partners), and don’t forget, bigger penises. A large penis is often intrinsically linked to masculinity and sexual process. Why else is it common to hear men around the world refer to their sex organs as their “manhood”?

But does size really matter? Studies and surveys suggest that penis size matters to men more than women. According to a 2006 article published in Psychology of Men & Masculinity, a journal produced by the American Psychological Association, only 55 percent of men were happy with the size of their penises and 45 percent want larger ones. On the other hand, about 85 percent of women said they were satisfied with the size of their partner’s penis.

Is a Having a Bigger Penis Really Better for You?

Does your penis size determine the pleasure experienced by your girlfriend or wife, and does it increase your chances of getting her pregnant?

A woman’s vagina can comfortably accommodate both large and small penises with relative comfort and ease. Physiologically, you don’t need to worry if you think your penis is smaller than average. The normal size of the vagina of a woman who has not yet given birth is about three inches. When she is sexually aroused, the size increases to about four inches. So even if you are packing more than eight inches, half of your size won’t matter much. Also, only the first third of your partner’s vagina, which is closest to the opening, has nerve endings and experiences sensation. This is the reason why many women actually prefer more girth than length. There are also no studies that show that penis length increases fertility, though some believe that the longer the penis, the deeper the penetration of sperm.

Boost Your Sexual Performance with Best Male Enhancement Supplements

The size issue may just be all in your head. But even if all the men around the world read about the studies saying that size doesn’t matter, many will still suffer from the so-called locker room syndrome and feel inferior if they perceive that their size is smaller than average. You can keep telling yourself that it’s not the size of the boat but the motion of the ocean that is more important but if you’re not entirely convinced, you can do something about your “big” problem, be it real or imagined.

To boost  the size and strength of your erections, taking high-quality natural male enhancement supplement can help. Such penis pills contain herbs and nutrients which increase the flow of blood to the spongy erectile tissues. The more blood your penis can hold, the harder, larger, and longer your erections will be. Moreover, natural penis supplements contain ingredients which help increase your libido and stamina, enhance your fertility and pleasure, as well as support your prostate and overall sexual health. Now that’s enlarging the size of your ship and intensifying the motion of the ocean!

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