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September 11th, 2014

In Focus - Male Penis Facts

It’s not simply a series of measurements done using a ruler or a similar tool. There are other factors to think of when considering penis size, such as girth. Here are some information to ponder on:

  1. If you are wondering until what age penis growth occurs, here are some facts: you enter puberty at around age 10 to 14. Your penis likely stops growing once you reach age 16 to 21, or when puberty is already completed. As a rule of thumb, if it has been some time since you have stopped growing in height, you are probably around the time that penis size growth has stopped as well.
  2. Based on contemporary standards, what can be deemed a “big” penis? There is a never-ending debate on this topic. However, research notes that the average erect penis length ranges from 5.1 inches to 5.9 inches. The average mid-shift circumference is from 4.49 inches to 4.97 inches when fully erect. Therefore, anything longer can be considered big.
  3. Do you know the length of a flaccid versus an erect penis? A number of studies show that the length of flaccid penis is not directly linked to that of an erect penis. Interpretation: there are men who “grow” a lot more than others do when they are erect. If your penis is small when limp, it does not necessarily mean it is small when hard.
  4. Is your penis size connected to your body size? The answer is yes, as an association has been made in studied between your height and overall penis size. It is not a consistent link, but weight is associated with penis size, too. Overall, body size is related to penis size but it’s a complex relationship and with no established direct causality. Think of this: the length of your index finger is related to overall penis size, as shown by at least three studies.
  5. Any measurement of your penis should be done when it is erect – it is what matters when considering how to satisfy your partner in bed. To measure the size of your power drill, use a ruler and measure from base to tip. Make sure to avoid measuring from the underside. Measure girth or circumference by taking a string, wrapping it around the mid-shaft, and transferring the string to a ruler.
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