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June 20th, 2014

Improving Your Semen Volume Through Diet

Who knew the amount of semen you ejaculate during orgasm could cause you to worry? Normally, a man ejaculates as little as one milliliter of semen. But when there’s low semen output, there could be a physical condition hampering optimal semen production or even his ability to ejaculate. Don’t fret, because as always, your diet is the first place to solve this concern and get your semen volume back to a healthy status.

Here are some foods and drinks that may assist in increasing the amount of semen you produce:

  1. Meat – This contain several nutrients that are important to produce semen. Meat stuff such as red meat, tuna, and poultry contain amino acids L-arginine and L-carnitine, which your body needs for high testosterone and semen production. Oysters, turkey, and lean red meats also contain zinc, which increases testosterone and is necessary for semen to be made. In fact, the average man’s ejaculate contains one to three milligrams of zinc.
  2. Water – Yes, pure, clear water helps your body function properly. Adequate water consumption every day can prevent dehydration, where your body cannot produce as much semen as it can when it is nicely hydrated.
  3. Nuts and grains – High amounts of zinc and vital amino acids are found in nuts, which also contain the mineral selenium. Consume a quarter of a cup of nuts every day alongside a healthy, balanced diet. Grains provide similar benefits and contain high amounts of L-arginine and L-carnitine, which may increase semen volume and increase sperm motility. Barley and wheat also contain zinc for semen volume improvement. Consume whole-grain foods for plenty of zinc and amino acids that can enhance your semen volume.
  4. Vegetables and fruit – Fresh, preferably organic produce can work favorably for semen volume. Leafy greens like broccoli, okra, asparagus, and seaweed should be added to your diet. The amino acids in them work the same way as those in meats and grains do. Folic acid can also be sourced from asparagus, okra, and broccoli, as well as citrus fruits. On the other hand, high amounts of lycopene can be found in tomatoes, guava, watermelon, and red bell peppers, and this substance can increase the volume and thickness of your semen. Lycopene also has a positive effect on prostate health.

A high-quality male enhancement supplement can also benefit your semen volume and production, with its herbal extracts and nutrients that nourish and enrich your ejaculate. Combined with the enhancement of erectile strength and size, as well as sexual stamina, you can be on your way to bigger, better lovemaking each time.

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