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June 4th, 2012

Sexual health is something that most men take for granted until old age creeps in and makes them re-evaluate some of their choices in life.  Sexual dysfunction, for one, is something that throws a lot of men for a loop. They don’t realize that certain habits such as smoking or drinking too much can cause their erectile function to suffer later on in life. And then there’s a sedentary lifestyle – not exercising, eating unhealthy stuff day in and day out. Male enhancement products such as Erectzan may be able to reverse some of the effects that a sluggish circulation cause but you can be sure that these products won’t be able to do magic in the presence of hardened arteries and pending heart failure. Fact is, most male enhancers are limited by certain factors – cardiac problems for one. For the most part, these products are safe and effective to use but only if you go for natural or herbal penis pills such as Erectzan.

A Closer Look at Erectile Dysfunction

Taking a penis pill for erectile dysfunction is somewhat tricky because an erectile problem could sometimes present as a symptom of a more serious health condition instead of being a disease in itself. In this case, the patient is better off seeing a doctor than self-medicating with an over-the-counter penis supplement. Nevertheless, there are certain brands of sex enhancers that are able to improve weak circulation, thus promoting the flow of blood to the penis and triggering stronger erections. For some men, that pill is Erectzan, but for others it could be another product, even a different dosage form (e.g. cream, gel, lotion, patch, etc.). Regardless of the brand or the system of delivery or manner of administration required, it is still best to consult a health professional, who can thoroughly explain the various male enhancement options available to you.

Erectzan and Stronger Erections

A quick look at Erectzan’s ingredients shows an unmistakable emphasis on improving blood circulation. First, you have L-arginine, which is an essential amino acid that increases the levels of nitric oxide in the body. As you well know, nitric oxide is an important component of the erection process, as it helps support vasodilation (read: vasodilation = increased blood flow). And then you have Cistanche Bark, whose main function is to – get ready for it – improve blood circulation, as well as Ginkgo biloba, Tongkat Ali, niacin, and pine bark extract – components that also help a man get rock hard erections.

Other Benefits

Beyond improving blood flow, it should be noted that a good male enhancer must also help increase libido or sex drive, improve sperm motility and volume, promote prostate health, boost sexual stamina, and enhance orgasms. You can see that it’s no joke being a sex enhancer manufacturer, what with the demand for the best formulation and the best production practices. And this is why you, as a consumer should only choose products that meet strict quality control standards and never settle for anything that may endanger your health in any way.

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